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AB Value Acquired Taiwan Branch of Global Leading Facility Management Services Company ISS

AB Value Capital Acquired Taiwan Branch of Global Leading Facility Management Services Company ISS

Private Equity Firm AB Value Capital acquired the Taiwan branch of ISS, a Danish-based global leading facility management services provider, and renamed it as ABV Integrated Facility Services (hereinafter referred to as ABV IFS). ABV IFS will continue to provide one-stop facility management services, including cleaning, security, technical and support services, to commercial groups, healthcare institutions, department stores, and luxury residential communities. With ABV IFS’ fast-paced, high-standard, and flexible back-office solutions, ABV IFS’ clients can significantly reduce costs and time for administration and training.

Danish Origin, Japanese Heritage
ABV IFS is the largest facility management services provider in Taiwan, with over 3,000 employees and 6 offices. After its acquisition by AB Value Capital, a private equity firm originated in Japan, ABV IFS will introduce Japanese service spirit to proactively understand client needs and provide the most comprehensive and meticulous services, in order to enhance the ABV IFS brand’s excellence and value.

Global Perspective, Local Experience
Originated in Japan in 2003, AB Value Capital has been in the Taiwan market for more than 15 years and has accumulated over USD 700 million of assets under management (AUM). Key investors include the pension fund of a global leading management consulting firm, Asia pension funds, and family offices. AB Value Capital, as a management-friendly financial investor, combines its global expertise with local management experience to support the industrial renaissance of Taiwanese companies. AB Value Capital will help ABV IFS further elevate and reach new heights by supporting ABV IFS professional management team, creating synergies through client introduction from AB Value Capital’s portfolio companies, and continuously exploring strategic alliance opportunities.

Fast-paced and Flexible Integrated Services
ABV IFS’ 38 years of experience with more than 500 top-tier domestic and international clients in Taiwan is the foundation of its first-class service. Advanced efficiency and performance under the management of a global corporation, as well as distinctive customized value-added business models for different industries, further consolidate ABV IFS’ leading position. ABV IFS has also been the first facility management services company to protect clients’ benefits, offer the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the industry, and reduce the risk of any contingencies. In addition, ABV IFS continuously invests in innovative technologies, such as cloud, IoT, AI, etc., to offer clients intelligent value-added services in the post-pandemic era.

People Oriented, Serving from the Heart
Employees have always been the company's most valuable asset. In order to ease stress and inspire enthusiasm in the workplace, ABV IFS constantly listens to the employees’ opinions and is supportive of their needs. ABV IFS not only fully complies with all labor laws and regulations in Taiwan, but also provides attractive and desirable employee benefits, creating a team with the highest loyalty rating and lowest turnover rates. With a stable and professional team, ABV IFS fulfills every goal entrusted by clients, creates value-added services, and is now the best integrated facility services company in Taiwan.