Founded by a group of seasoned professional investors, AB Value Capital Partners is dedicated to private equity secondaries
3 locations
The team operates fully-integrated from three offices in Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo.
Since the inception of its private equity secondiares activities in 2003, members of the team have developed a strong expertise in the secondaries market and a broad relationship network in the private equity community.
140 years
15 team members represent over 140 years of combined relevant experience in financial investments and over 90 years of private equity secondaries experience.
US$750 million
AB series together raised totally US$750 million in terms of committed capital up to date.
Private Equity Secondaries
As one of the pioneers and most experienced private equity secondaries investors in Asia, AB Value helps sellers to rebalance their asset allocations, meet liquidity needs and bottom line objectives, release assets with limited strategic values, and sometimes even be free from partnerships they struggle to be in. A win-win situation is all we ever seek for.
about us
For many sellers and portfolio companies, AB Value is the first name that comes up when they are in need of liquidity and solution.
The team not only gathered delicate experiences to handle all sorts of deal structures and situations, but also possesses a thorough database of detailed analyses of privately-owned companies, which enables the team to react on a timely basis with realistic and competitive valuations.
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investment philosophy
Our primary sources of deal flow result from proactive origination efforts, including outbound calling campaigns to corporations (both shareholders and equity issuers), General Partners, Limited Partners, intermediaries and other market participants. Though the team is likely to be invited to nearly every competitive situation in the private equity secondaries market, we will continue to focus on the small and middle market segment of the private equity secondaries market where transactions are more often completed in a less competitive environment.
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